Jirty ApS

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

“We had been in contact with 1902 for a year before we finally decided to try outsourcing. The reason that it took so long was that we wanted to find “the right” project for a “pilot project.” Paradoxically, we ended up choosing a fairly complex project to start out with. We certainly did not regret the choice we made. Since we had done some preliminary work, there was a great deal of materials to be translated to English, and a lot of ideas also needed to be communicated. The translation was done by Peter (1902’s Danish director) after some meetings. It incurred a little additional cost, but it meant that we got the project started very quickly. We discussed the technical details with a few programmers. I was a bit skeptical to explain everything over Skype, but the lead programmer of the project understood the ideas quite fast, and he forwarded some flow charts and Excel spreadsheets describing how he understood them. A few meetings through Skype and we were rolling. Of course, there were some things to get used to in outsourcing. Meetings should preferably take place in the morning (due to the time difference) and all materials must be in English. Since we were accustomed to almost all these concerns, our system was in English and thus, language was obviously not a big obstacle. It has been a pleasure to work with 1902. They have skilled programmers who are capable of solving tasks in the same professional manner as Danish programmers—but only much cheaper.”

Knud Westdorf

Manager- Jirty ApS

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