Project type: WordPress & PHP, App, Design

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2014

Project description

Posedus is a post education app where opportunities for dentists such as trainings, courses, events, congresses, seminars, and new dental products are gathered and published for these information to be easily accessed by interested customers. Dental Dating, the company that owns Posedus, asked 1902 Software to create a landing page for the app. The client wanted a multilingual site to showcase the Posedus app and its services. A website was created using WordPress, along with a WPML plugin that enabled the client to run a multilngual site due to its dynamic translating system for site pages, posts, tags, categories, and themes. The landing page features a Posedus start-up guide, the benefits of using the app, and a quick guide on how course providers can place their opportunities in the app. The site was made in English and German.