Project type: WordPress & PHP, Design

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2017

“Super good and fast IT solutions can 1902 software easily develop without any problems! They have the expertise and all wishes are met if you know what you need. But you do not even have a finger on the pulse and know what you need, you may not feel 100% taken care of yourself and communication typically takes place in English, directly with the developer. We had Ryan as project manager for the development of the site and he was extremely competent and also came up with some solutions to get more content on the site, but I’m glad to know myself about AMP, ssl, schedule data and generally search engine optimization. Had I not known, I’m not 100% sure that I had got the IT solution I needed to rank higher than my competitors.
They have not been particularly good at writing in their crm system what time has been spent on and you should expect the price to end in the high part of the offer as both design and development have been far closer to the maximum price than the minimum price. I quickly got an idea of ​​how pricing was made and as long as you expect it to be close to or equal to the high end of the offer, you will not get any surprises!

I had expected from the company that there was a little better initiative to ensure that people get the best IT solution now that they have the expertise to execute it! You may not know as a customer what things are important for the optimization of the page to be implemented during the build-up, but it makes a huge difference afterwards when you want to insert content and optimize this to be considered in the process.

My solution was expensive compared to other actors, but it is worth it afterwards when I know that there are competent people at the other end and help us with the right solution. This is not a solution that needs to be replaced after a few years because the supplier has tied you on your hands and feet and there is no ongoing monthly fee for “ongoing maintenance” and other patches you will be practiced elsewhere!

It’s a little expensive, but they deliver the item and you will not experience becoming another customer in the row. There is a focus on you as a customer and there is ongoing contact with you every week to make sure you know what is happening in the process.

It’s probably not the last time we will use them and next time, we hope they are better off putting in the customer’s place and clarifying what it’s a customer needs.”

Jonas Buch

Founder & Owner