Fodbold Experten


Project type: Magento webshops, Design

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2011

“It does not get any better with 1902 Software. We first had a series of meetings with some Danish webshop developers who offered us many different solutions, but unfortunately, there were always some features that we were forced to compromise. This was not the case with 1902. With them, we presented our ideas and demands for our shop and started a dialogue with Peter Skouhus. This led us to choosing 1902 as a partner, and we did not for a second regret it. It has been an incredible, professional process and cooperation that would continue.

Their amazing capabilities as developers allowed us to constantly develop all our thoughts and ideas to reality. At the same time, 1902 also works as a development-partner who’s not satisfied with merely listening to one’s wishes; they come up with their inputs and talk about their own experiences on areas you would want to touch.

We’re very satisfied with our collaboration with 1902, and at the same time we would like to thank their highly skilled staff for their superb effort and ability to get everything that we wanted—without compromises.”

Aleksander Due-Rasmussen