Why you should upgrade to Magento 2

Published on January 25, 2019
Last modified on July 08, 2021

First things first: Why should you upgrade?

Whether you’re still building a business case or simply looking for that ‘final push’ to start your upgrade planning, it’s worth mentioning some reasons why Magento 2 is the way forward:

1. The end of Magento’s official support for version 1 is also the beginning of increased risk of exposure to attacks and vulnerabilities to your site’s security.

It’s not that webshops built on Magento 1 will suddenly stop working by the time that June 2020 rolls around; however, any security holes and exploits to the platform will no longer be attended to by Magento.

2. The official Magento team as well as the community of developers dedicated to the platform will most likely put their skills and effort into Magento 2 moving forward.

Website extensions that will enter the market will have been developed for version 2, and very few developers, if at all, will create new extensions for Magento 1. Of course, where the innovation is, that’s where you’ll want your business to be.

3. Magento 2 offers improved features that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

While staying in Magento 1 means being comfortable in a system that you already know and maybe have even mastered, this also means that you are missing out on a slew of improvements that the new version brings.

For starters, Magento 2:

  • Has a much more simplified admin panel that makes for easier navigation and control;
  • Provides native support for HTML5/CSS3;
  • Uses the latest PHP versions (7+);
  • Has in-built full page caching;
  • Offers 50% faster page loading speed than Magento 1; and
  • Provides a more user-friendly experience with a more streamlined checkout process.

On top of these, Magento 2 will no doubt be continuously be improved with more functionalities over the coming years.

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