Responsive design is an approach that makes websites and webshops more user-friendly on mobile devices, i.e. tablets, mobile phones—regardless of size, brand, and version.

The site’s responsive design adapts to the device on which it appears. For instance, the site looks right on smartphones and tablets, whether the device is in landscape or portrait view. When your website or webshop is accessed, its design automatically adjusts to the optimum screen size and resolution used by the individual.

Pages that are not in responsive design are difficult to navigate. Users will have to zoom in and scroll to view pictures, text, and buttons properly. All this trouble for the customer will contribute to lower conversions.

1902 Software offers

  • Design of responsive websites and webshops
  • Programming of responsive websites and webshops
  • Conversion of existing websites and webshops to responsive design
  • Troubleshooting and speed optimization of responsive websites and webshops

Importance of responsive design

Responsive design is more important than ever because of the tremendous increase in smartphone and tablet users. This also means that mobile Internet traffic continuously increases. You may have already noticed that the number of people who visit your shop or website through mobile devices is growing.

When we talk about usability, responsive design makes it easier for visitors to navigate your website or webshop, which ultimately contribute to better conversions.

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