Greenex A/S

Project type: WordPress & PHP

Project started: 2012

Became a client in: 2012

“1902 has created a new face for Greenex on the web. With ideas from their creative team, we have now a better interaction with our customers, a better presentation of our products and an easier way to be reached out. They were able make our site very functional, but with a modern, clean and cool design. The team behind 1902 has showed themselves to be very professional, quick on replies, good with ideas, very polite and easy to deal with it. On behalf of Greenex we want to thank you all.”

Project description

Greenex sells high-quality seeds, cuttings, and flowering and foliage plants to selected customers in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North and South America. They sought the services of 1902 Software to improve the presentation of the products in their website. The website was redesigned and given a clean and modern look, while its functionalities were maintained. The website was developed using WordPress and showcases the many different varieties of plants that Greenex sell, news and press articles about greenery, and visible contact forms.

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