Ananda Soul

Project type: WordPress & PHP

Project started: 2016

Became a client in: 2016

“1902 took over my site about 4-5 months ago―and what a relief it was!!!

I design jewelry, and I have previously had other companies to help me with my site. I know how I wanted the site to look―the site must respond quickly, no errors etc. And I basically do not care about the techniques and explanations ―it should just work for me.

1902 has truly been a very positive experience. The dialogue started through Peter Skouhus, and it became very clear to me that he was a sincere adviser who wanted the best for me and my business―and not a seller who only thought about his own business. I was even advised not to invest what I thought should be invested, and was advised a solution that met my needs and requirements ―and that fits the budget.

This was the most amazing project we worked on. Ryan immediately understood how we wanted the site performance, the responsive optimizations, the check-out flow, etc. He grabbed the tasks professionally and quickly, and even thought of further new cool initiatives that could support our journey as customer.

With a hand on my heart, I have not had the most positive experiences with outsourcing sites for people who sit so far away―but my encounter with 1902 has removed my worries.

They are honest, proactive, and respond very well. Tasks go quickly, whatever the time. Their prices are extremely reasonable. I would rather pay twice as much for an hourly rate, if I have to use 1/3 of the time to explain myself or debug or the like… And this is what I experienced with 1902. They saved me time and money.

The solution lies on WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin.

The communication and service with 1902 have been exemplary, and I can only strongly recommend 1902 Software.

Best regards,”

Christina Zipperlen

CEO & Founder af Ananda Soul

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