Project type: WordPress & PHP, App, Design, Magento webshops, Umbraco & .NET

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2020

“Over the past few years, we have concluded that a greater proportion of our traffic has shifted from traditional web to mobile platforms. Therefore, we chose to take a step and create a responsive website so that the visitors of Min-Mave would be able to use the site and its forum easily―whether they’re sitting in front of the computer, breast-feeding, or walking with a baby stroller. Prior to this, we had 1902 work on our smaller projects, so choosing them as a partner was quite simple. After some discussions on the overall project, we received some estimates and design mockups that fit into a new and modern site, while still retaining the feeling of the old site. Communication and daily follow-ups have worked superbly, and you would really feel that the project was being created on the other side of the globe and in a completely different time zone. The result was that, both we and our users were very satisfied. All sounds great; credits to the whole team and not the least to the manager, Jerome, who are all very accommodating, communicative, and certainly not without humor, which makes everything a lot more fun.”

Thomas Vedel Larsen