Ice Shop


Project type: Magento webshops, Design

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2014

Project description

Raasdal Trading owns a webshop called Ice Shop, where they sell various car tools and gadgets. The client had concerns with having an outdated OsCommerce webshop and wanted a new, dynamic framework. A new webshop in Magento was created, with a fresh layout for the online shop designed as well. Magento gave the client numerous advanced features to use, including a dynamic interface and convenient user experience. To date, 1902 Software has developed the website in two different languages, and continually maintains them for further development.

“The act of choosing a new partner to create a concept for a new site was a long process. Our choice was ultimately 1902 Software, which proved to be the right decision. My main concern was 1902’s location in the Philippines, as we’ve had bad experiences with “cheap” programmers who do not understand what you want and just hardcode everything (no forward thinking or function coding). But this concern has been proven wrong, as 1902 has highly professional and skilled people who can think independently, come with inputs and feedback on your ideas, and generally, are solution-oriented as they work hard to resolve your problems. With 1902, we also received full transparency with the billing. We can follow the details of how their time is being spent and how much is being billed in minutes. Thus, there is never an unpleasant surprise. And on the results, there is nothing to complain about. One of the strongest services of 1902 is their graphic design, which made 1902 top our list of choices. Our expectations for our project has been fully met indeed. Their coding/programming skills cannot be underestimated. They obviously have a long experience with Magento, and have been able to provide custom-made solutions without any problems. All in all, we are a satisfied customer.” (Translated from Danish)

Kenneth Jensen

Raasdal Trading