The benefits of multi-channel integration

Published on March 26, 2020
Last modified on July 09, 2021

Multi-channel integration brings together both your internal systems and customer-facing platforms. As such, when done right, its benefits to your company come twofold:

Internal workflow

Streamlined processes - With a central integration platform, your data flows in a much more streamlined manner than within a tangled web that a point-to-point architecture has.

Easier management - Since every system only needs one connection to a central hub, it’s less complicated to establish a consistent approach for every integration, regardless of how each system is built differently.

Scalable and allows for growth - As your business grows, you may have to adapt more systems that will need to be integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Multi-channel integration allows you to easily scale and add more systems or platforms as needed without needing to worry about additional connection points.

Customer experience

In itself, an optimized internal workflow already translates to a smoother sales process, and therefore, better customer experience. But beyond that, here are a few other things that multi-channel integration helps with:

Better insights on your customers’ shopping behavior - Since every channel is interconnected along with your internal systems, you get more accurate and contextualized insights about how your customers shop your products and engage with your brand.

These insights are a powerful starting point for you to further refine your customer experience.

Strengthened brand identity - You might view your physical store, online shop, and other ecommerce platforms as distinct channels, but to your customers, all these are just one brand.

Multi-channel integration enables you to streamline and synchronize information across your different channels, giving your brand more credibility.


Interested in implementing multi-channel integration in your business?

In the next and last part of this series, we’ll present a case study of how one of our clients successfully adapted multi-channel integration into their ecommerce strategy.

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