Why is 1902 Software the top choice for software solutions?

Published on December 14, 2018
Last modified on August 26, 2021

For more than 20 years, we have developed a model—based on experience—for software development and support that work well because it is fair and balanced.

We play with open cards and distinguish ourselves from many in the industry by not binding our clients hand and foot.

At 1902 Software there are no complicated contracts, no bindings, and no minimum purchases—getting software development done has never been this easier.

  1. We only do software development. We do not have various dot.com projects, webshops, etc. running on the sidelines that take away our focus from our client's projects. We are 100% focused on doing what we are good at.
  2. With us, there’s no monthly retainer, minimum purchase, or any similar setup that binds clients hand and foot. Clients pay only when we work for them and there are no minimum purchases.
  3. At 1902, the source code is always handed out when the project is completed so that clients can freely change their supplier as desired. Again, you don’t get bound hand and foot.
  4. Our prices are approximately 50% of other similar companies, and we are often more efficient.
  5. If an emergency occurs or the client presses a button that should not have been pressed, then we also support outside working hours.
  6. Subsequent support: When the project is finished, the support is handled by the same project manager who managed the initial development. With us, you are not passed on to a "B-team" who has not been part of the project and therefore will not be able to provide proper support.
  7. All our employees are permanent employees; we do not use freelancers. First, it is difficult to keep hold of a freelancer—when a project is 80% complete, the freelancer will often move on to the next project, and second, it is both expensive and complicated to have to train a freelancer to follow our development standards each time we start a new three-month project. Last but not the least, freelancers often have other clients who have to be looked after, so it can take a long time to get even small tasks done.
  8. When we hire new employees, they go through a 2-4-month structured training course before they start working on client projects. In this way, we are 100% sure that what they develop meets our high standards.
  9. We have continuous training and further education. Everyone can take a certification course or workshop where everything is paid for by the company. In addition, we hold a number of internal seminars every month where we share new knowledge and trends with our employees. These seminars are typically held by an expert in the field.
  10. We do not rent out software developers! For larger projects, it is normal for companies to hire a "team" consisting of developers, designers, project managers, and testers. We don't offer this because, in our opinion, this model is no longer up-to-date. The big problem with this model is that you are forced to use the developers who are part of the team, regardless of whether they are suitable for the task in question or not. With us, it’s the project manager who handpicks the developers, designers, and testers who will work on the project. With this model, the project manager can choose the people who are best suited for the project, as opposed to being forced to use a fixed team that may not necessarily have the right skills. The project manager can also involve a specialist in the project for a short period if necessary.