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We develop plugins and extensions for WordPress, Magento, and Umbraco, as well as custom software or system integrations.

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This page explains what exactly software development is, how to make sure that your project is finished, and how to get started with 1902 Software.

When do you need special software development?

When you need features that are not built into the standard software that you are using, or are not commercially available as a plugin or extension, then you need to have it custom-made or what we call as ‘special software development’.

Special software development comes in many varieties—ranging from a small program or add-on to Excel that automates a repetitive task, to a full and complete system that you cannot purchase on the market.

Mobile app development is a good example of special software development because apps are made for a specific task or purpose, and are almost always developed from scratch. Other examples are custom plugins specially developed to extend the functionalities of CMS, such as Magento, WordPress, or Umbraco.

Special software development can be costly and time-consuming so it’s better to avoid it as much as you can (i.e., if there is an existing plugin that can do the same task available on marketplaces, then it is always better to purchase it rather than have it custom-developed).

However, it can also give your business an advantage that other businesses may not have.

Some drawbacks

When starting a special software development project, be careful not to start a “never-ending project”. Many people make the mistake of constantly adding new features that were not taken into account when the foundation of the system was first built.

As a result, the project often ends up being abandoned because nobody can make head or tail of the system anymore, or the system’s foundation is not predisposed for all the extra features added and there is no technical solution for it.

The key to success lies in good planning, starting with an MVP, and actually sticking to the plan.

If you want more functionalities built into your system, then plan version 2, 3 and so on. Rome was not built in one day, and neither is software!

Getting started

We start the project by having a project manager review your needs and wishes. At this stage, we often come up with one or more third-party modules that might fit what you’re looking for.

If we have determined that there is no currently existing module for the functionality that you need, we will then propose a solution for you. This proposal may be a combination of acquired modules and our own development.

Afterward, we will create a very detailed price estimate document in which everything is laid out so you can see the specifics and how we arrived at the final estimate.

The end goal of every collaboration we make with our clients is providing you the results you want, in the way you want it.

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