Full stack developer

We offer a “full stack development” solution for your website, webshop, apps, or software jobs. Save time and cost with us and our diverse and skilled team of developers. 

What is a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is a programmer who is capable of working with different technologies without significantly compromising his efficiency.

Many companies look for full stack developers who can work on various tasks as needed, regardless of what the task is about and which technologies to work with. If you’re really lucky, you may find a full stack developer who is proficient at both app and web development, but in reality, these developers are very rare.

What do you do then?

Like almost everyone else, you go and find different freelancers: one for app development, one for Magento development, and yet another one for graphic design, etc. When you have hired one for each of your needs, you are left with the task of coordinating their work. It’s not easy, and often, planning conflicts arise among the freelancers involved in the project because they all have other clients who also need their services, not to mention the possibility of sickness, holidays, etc.

The project went very well and within the time and price estimates given initially. The team were extremely professional, highly skilled and very service minded. The sourcecode looks very well structured/organized and easily manageable.

Peder Spang

You can compare 1902 Software with a full stack developer because we have many permanent developers in-house who are proficient with different technologies. The advantage is that you can easily have tasks completed for different systems without having to spend time finding a developer that can work with the specific technologies.

It’s almost like having a skilled full stack developer employed—except that with 1902 Software, two developers can work simultaneously on two different tasks, while one full stack developer cannot.

At 1902 Software, there are no fixed costs and you can come and go with tasks as you please. It offers great freedom and huge opportunity for your business to scale up or down.

We’ve been working with 1902 Software for many years. They’ve been a good partner for outsourcing of new it-projects.

Kristoffer Gravgaard
Ritzaus Bureau

Over the years we have developed a process for effectively managing projects. We have two basic philosophies:

All employees must be permanent employees

We don’t use freelancers because there’s a number of problems associated with it.  The main problem is that freelancers have other clients so we can’t draw on their resources in the same way that we can with our own employees. In addition to this, we also can’t allow our clients’ projects (source code, administrative passwords, etc.) to be accessed by more or less arbitrarily selected developers.

We are not a staffing agency

Although it’s typical for outsourcing companies, we do NOT offer teams that you can “rent” or hire for a specific period. At 1902 Software, we handpick the developers who work on a specific project based on their experience with the technology needed and the project type—in short, the ones who are best suited to the task at hand.

When we ask our customers what they want with the collaboration, they almost always respond with:

  • It should be easy to scale up or down as needed, and at no extra cost.
  • It should be easy and fast to get qualified developers for their tasks.
  • The development team must be at a high technical level.
  • 1902 Software must be able to take on a broad range of tasks.

As a customer, you have access to two different types of project managers: a design project manager who leads the designers, and a technical project manager who leads the developers.

Usually, you only communicate directly with the project managers, but from time to time, developers and designers may join meetings to either listen in or answer your questions.

It’s easy to get started with 1902 Software as your full stack developer. Our processes are explained in detail in our Getting started and development process pages.

Since no two projects are the same, the contents of these pages are only general descriptions and may be changed and adapted depending on your specific project type.