Project type: Magento

Project started: 2011

Became a client in: 2011

“The process for which we chose a supplier for web design and programming seemed endless, since we knew that this was a decisive factor in whether our web shop would be a success or failure. So after sometime, we finally decided to choose 1902 Software as partner. This was the point in the process when we succeeded! 1902’s employees were definitely professional and service-minded. They have good teamwork, and it’s a pleasure to talk to people who fully understand things and who can make suggestions for improvements. And so, our site was completed below the estimated budget and, therefore, we ended up with a significantly lower price than what was previously quoted. Without a doubt, we will work with 1902 Software in the future for them to do everything involved with the design and programming of SuitZoo.”

Mikkel Hjarna

Project description

Suitzoo is a webshop where customers can purchase various suits, and also customize the suits they order online. This unique webshop feature was done with 1902 Software’s help. 1902 Software also designed the site's logo, depicting a tie and suit cropped in a small circle, which captures the identify of Suitzoo's services.

Suit zoo logo image

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