Project type: Magento

Project started: 2012

Became a client in: 2012

“For nearly two years, we have had 1902 Software for Magento development, design, and discussions of ideas. In this process, we have worked with the same two project managers, one for technical and one for graphics. We have experienced a very high level of service with 1902 Software. When we send a task in the evening, it is often finished in the morning when we get to work. At times when it was necessary to get help outside their working hours or on weekends, their response has also been quick and effective. 1902 Software has extensive experience and can solve everything from small graphic task, complex development, configuration and server setup, to discussions, advice, and guidance. When we get our jobs done for hourly rates that are less than half of what software companies charge in Denmark, it’s not hard to make the obvious choice. We continue to work with 1902 Software for our Magento tasks and can only recommend that other companies do the same.”

Ulrik Kyvsgaard

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