Hjort Smykker

Project type: Magento

Project started: 2012

Became a client in: 2011

“Hjort Jewelry has worked closely with 1902 software in connection with the launch of our new jewelry shop. The cooperation has been outstanding, and to be frank and honest about it, the team guided me throughout the process.

We were stop-and-go on several occasions to suit both what I want and our budget, and here 1902 team rendered an utterly wonderful service. No unnecessary sales pitch, just honest talk and action. The web shop has been optimized to our great satisfaction.

We will also work with 1902 Software development far into the future for our web shop, for new initiatives and new functionalities.

Therefore, we strongly recommend working with 1902 Software when developing a Magento shop, as they are a more experienced e-commerce developer, possessing both the graphical and technical skills to realize your dream shop.”

Hjort Smykker

Project description

Hjort Smykker is a seller of high quality jewelry. Their webshop contains the latest jewelry news, discount offers, and a blog promoting their products. This webshop is a spin-off from E-scarf.dk, which is another webshop owned by the client. At first encounter with 1902 Software, the client wanted a new webshop for E-scarf.dk. Using Magento, 1902 Software made a copy of E-scarf.dk and from there, created a new webshop with a new design. Subsequently, the client decided to sell both the original E-scarf.dk and the webshop that 1902 Software created. 1902 Software then made a copy of both online shops but this time, made them into two different webshops. The other webshop became Hjort Smykker.

Hjort Smykker website image 1

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