Project type: WordPress & PHP

Design, development, installation, support, graphic design

Became a client in: 2011

“During my 15 years in the Internet industry, I have learned that there are three major challenges when developing new sites and applications: keeping the agreed budget, delivering a product that works as expected, and last but not least, getting it finished on time. 1902 Software is the only vendor I’ve worked with that is notable for fully living up to all those three points. That in itself makes it a pleasure to work with them.

I’m not even very good at project management. Fortunately, 1902 Software also does this part of the job for me in a highly professional way and always in a friendly manner. With their detailed project management system, I could always keep track of what exactly was done and how much time was spent on it.

One can find developers in third world countries who offer lower hourly rates than 1902 Software, but my experience is that it is both more expensive and worse in the long run to work with them.  Compared to Danish suppliers, 1902 Software is always much cheaper.

1902 Software gets my unreserved recommendation. Most development tasks I have to do now have been completed by them.”

Mikkel deMib Svendsen

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