Pro Salus


Project type: Umbraco & .NET, Design

Development, support, and design assistance

Became a client in: 2013

“We have now completed the first part of our project, and Pro Salus has gone online. Our excellent collaboration with 1902 Software has been an important part of our project’s successful development. My first meeting with 1902 Software was a phone conversation with Peter Skouhus which quickly convinced me that I was on the right track with my project, which is pioneering in Denmark. I have programmed and created administrative systems for the industry’s “condition reports and energy labels” over the past 20 years, and also in this context, I have previously outsourced work abroad. However, there was never the same success until 1902 Software took the project. I sent the project description to 1902 Software, and received an estimate after a few conversations with the project manager whom Peter Skouhus assigned me. The talks took place via Skype, and all the people I’ve spoken with at 1902 Software speaks perfect English with no accent, and therefore in no time, it was clear to me what we have agreed upon. All the people I’ve had contact with at 1902 Software—the manager, system architect, graphic designer and programmer—are individuals who could think for themselves, understand the problem, and come up with solutions that work. I will choose 1902 Software for future projects, and we are now in the process of preparing for the next part of our project with them. I can only give 1902 Software my best recommendation.”

Søren Kristensen