Project type: Magento webshops, Design

Development, support, and design assistance

Became a client in: 2018

“I chose to use 1902 Software for my webshop in 2018. Before I switched to using 1902 Software, I had used two different Danish agencies, but I was neither satisfied with quality nor price. Therefore, I chose to try 1902 Software and I’m happy because they deliver high quality at a reasonable price. They work quickly and finish the project within the expected time frame. Their qualitative abilities are great and no matter what task I set them, they are able to solve it. My contact person JC (Jan Carlo Pacanza) responds very quickly, gets to grips with the tasks, gets the tasks started, follows up on them, and makes sure that they are completed as expected. I can only recommend 1902 Software.”

Tue Kalmo


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