Project type: Magento webshops, Design

Design, development, and support

Became a client in: 2011

“When we were developing a new website and searching for a development team who has extensive experience with Magento, we’re thankful to have found 1902 as our partner. From the beginning, it has been a full and thorough professional collaboration with them, tasks were solved at the agreed time, and the quality has lived up to our expectations. The risk of the development project being derailed was one important consideration we’ve had even before the project started. But here, 1902 surprised us with a very positive outcome. We have all along followed the agreed cost, and the quality has been excellent. The result can be seen in our website, www.mitliv.dk, which is fully in line with the ideas we have had from the beginning. We will continue to innovate, of course, together with 1902 Software.”

Dorte Storgaard

Director, ReaMed


Project description

MitLiv, a webshop owned by Reamed and developed by 1902 Software, sells health and wellness-related products. Reamed wanted to reward their loyal customers for their patronage of their products through MinKlub, a page within Mitliv where customers can sign up to get discounts and rebates for Mitliv’s merchandise. 1902 Software applied changes to the module that was bought for MinKlub, which enabled the client to interact with several customer groups. Front-end work was also provided.

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