Project type: Magento webshops, Design

Development, support, and design assistance

Became a client in: 2015

Project description

Hvisk sells a wide range of fashionable and high quality designer jewelry. Hvisk partnered with 1902 Software for the development of their webshop, which includes a functionality wherein jewelry stylists can sign up to Hvisk and send styles they have made. The client also wanted the online shop to have a bottom-up design, where the stylists are the ones to fill out the pages. A webshop in responsive layout was built using Magento. Modules were created to meet the client’s requirements, one of which is the Stylist module―which allows interested jewelry designers to register and create their own Hvisk account and from there, upload and publish their own stylings. A module that enables the stylists to borrow jewelry that can be used for their stylings from the webshop was also developed. Hvisk.dk features a Stylist page that contains stylists’ profiles, and a ‘like’ functionality wherein customers can show preference by clicking a heart icon for each stylist profile. The webshop also features a Stylings page wherein images of various jewelry are displayed along with the names of the corresponding stylists. This page has a comment section where customers can write and share their thoughts on a piece of jewelry, and a ‘like’ functionality as well.

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