DK Sommerhuse

Project type: Design


Project started: 2014

Became a client in: 2009

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with 1902 Software in the past, so it came quite naturally to me to contact them again for the development of our new holiday portal. Unlike in the previous project where 1902 Software had to build on an old solution, now they got to build a completely free new portal from scratch―both in terms of design and programming. In addition to wanting a sleek design, I had one overriding requirement: the top speed of the portal’s search. And I was almost blown backwards by the fantastic result! With thoughtful design and programming as well as a fast cloud server, the project was completed to a top class. I can warmly recommend 1902 Software and the entire team behind it―none mentioned, none forgotten.”

Project description

DK Sommerhuse is a web portal owned by Kankom Online, which allows its customers to book holiday or summer houses online. 1902 Software implemented an API for this portal which was made from scratch using a Phalcon Framework. Along with the development of the site, the logo for DK Sommerhuse was crafted by 1902 Software as well. The client’s business is based in Denmark, so the logo consists of a house window that resembles the colors and style of the Danish flag. It is minimalistic in design; it has a simple font and a two-colored tone.

DK Sommerhuse logo image

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