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We offer project management from start to finish, as well as subsequent support, enhancements, and changes. From day one that you get in touch with us, you’ll be speaking with a service-oriented Project Manager who listens to you, identify your needs, and brings your project to completion:

The Creative Project Manager helps you out with the user interface and graphical requirements of your site or app.
The Technical Project Manager takes care of the technical requirements and development of your project. We have several Technical Project Managers according to the technology that will be used to develop your site or app.

These project managers are versatile professionals who see the project through from conceptualization to completion. They fulfill resource management, time management, communication with various stakeholders, scope management, and project implementation.

The project management methodologies that we use include a combination of detailed planning, agile development, and SCRUM. If you wish for our project managers to implement a specific methodology, let us know and we will plan with you accordingly.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not just provide the manpower, but we give overall management of your project. We closely work with you—thus, you have greater chances of getting exactly what you want, what you need, and what we believe will serve you best. Read our client testimonies.

Project management system

We provide all our clients a web-based project management system through which you can monitor daily developments of your projects. The same application is used by all team members as a group communication tool and to track the number of hours they have worked on tasks. From these hours they submit every day, we summarize the data and make the information available to our clients on a daily basis. Through this application, we build transparency.

If you are new to software development and outsourcing, we have a very interesting article about some of the software development pitfalls one should avoid.

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