FAQ’s about 1902 Software

1. How many years has 1902 Software been operating?

1902 Software was established in 1998 as a sole proprietorship. In 2001, the company changed to a corporation.

2. Where is 1902 Software located?

1902 Software is located at the 15th flr Asian Star Building, Asean Drive corner Singapura Lane, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781 Philippines.

3. What are 1902 Software’s backup processes?

In addition to hard disk-based backup routines, we also have a dedicated Internet connection for online backup. All data - source code, graphics, databases, specifications, etc. - are backed up over the Internet outside the Philippines.

4. Is it possible to come visit and see the office?

Yes, we'd love to have you visit us here at the office. Here you can see our office and meet those who work with you

5. Does 1902 Software contract freelancers to do tasks?

No, we do not.

6. Is it possible to hold a meeting in Denmark?

Yes, Peter Skouhus comes to Denmark at least once a year.

7. Is English skills required to do a project with 1902 Software?

Yes, English is the prevailing language for both written and spoken communication in outsourcing.

8. Do you offer services only in Denmark?

No, we also provide our services in Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Switzerland

9. Is it possible to see customer references?

Yes, we have a series of customer references on this site.

10. Is it possible to have a client’s staff member to be at 1902 Software’s office for a given period?

Yes, it can be arranged. We can provide an office with Internet connection as well as arrange a place to stay. If the stay is longer than 59 days, the Philippine government would require a work permit. 1902 Software can of course be helpful with that.

11. Does 1902 Software have employees in Denmark?

No, we don’t. Until now, it has not been necessary.

12. How can I get hold of a person outside working hours?

Outside office hours, you can contact us using support@1902software.com. This mail will alert the right project manager who will be contacting you outside office hours.

13. Do you send people to Denmark?

No, we do not send developers to Denmark. We utilize the Internet, VoIP, desktop sharing, etc., to conduct meetings and file sharing.

14. How long does it usually take to get started on a project?

It very much depends on the customer and the resources to be used. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes only a few days.

15. Can 1902 Software employees work from home?

No, all work is done at the office.

16. Is skills training provided by 1902 Software?

Yes, we conduct training and development following a specific course program. In addition, we encourage our employees to become certified in their respective fields, for example. Microsoft, Magento or Xamarin certification. 1902 Software pays for all certifications, course materials, etc.

17. What is the working hours at 1902 Software?

We start between 8:00 am until 6:00 pm Philippine time. The working day is a minimum of 9 hours and a normal workweek is 45-60 hours, depending on how busy we are.

18. Does 1902 Software follow their client’s holiday calendar?

No, we follow the Philippine holiday calendar.

19. How to get started?

Contact us either by completing the contact form, email sales@1902software.com or by calling us at +632 550 1902.

Get a call from Peter within 24 hours and have a conversation about your requirements

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Get a call from Peter within 24 hours and have a conversation about your requirements